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Build a talent introduction and training platform to help the company's high-quality development

On July 6, 2022, Hubei SunWin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. held the "2022 Undergraduate Graduates Welcome Ceremony" and the second batch of "853 Talent Project Signing Ceremony" in the training center on the

SunWin Electronic Intelligent Vehicle Imaging Division - Actively participated in the 4th Shenzhen Intelligent Vehicle Developer Summit, and gave a wonderful speech on the in-depth analysis report of intelligent panoramic parking products

At the beginning of the midsummer, June 23, 2022 ushered in the 4th Smart Car Developer Summit hosted by Chaodian Think Tank and Shenzhen Camera Industry Association. The theme of the conference: covering channels, terminals

Wang Menghui, Secretary of Hubei Provincial Party Committee, visited SunWin Electronic for investigation

On May 12, 2022, Wang Menghui, Secretary of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee, accompanied by Meng Xiangwei, Secretary of the Xianning Municipal Party Committee, Yang Jun, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, Xia Fuqing, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Xianning High-tech Zone, Liu Chuanlu, Chairman of Sanyingxing Technology, etc. Hubei SunWin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. conducts research.

Exhibiting Etiquette and Cultural Demeanor and Raising the Qualities of SunWin Electronic Staff

Hubei SunWin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. invited famous Chinese etiquette experts, Wuhan University professor Li Rongjian and Hubei well-known etiquette expert Yu Zhongyan to give lectures to the company to teach etiquette culture

Spring arrives, Yaochu flowers are like brocade, and everyone goes out to see flowers - SunWin Electronic held the "March 8 Red Banner Bearer" Commendation Conference

In March, Vientiane is updated. We are celebrating the 99th Women's Day in this beautiful time of sunshine and rejuvenation. On this important historical commemorative day, SunWin Electronic held the "March 8th" Women's Day and the "March 8th Red Banner Bearer" commendation meeting. He Qisan, the vice chairman and executive vice president of the group, attended the event and delivered a speech on behalf of the group. I wish everyone a happy holiday, and encourage everyone to "don't let men be men" and go to the next level!

Towards the Future Together School-Enterprise Youth Association

The sorority adopts an entertainment and interactive method, setting up women's group presentations, men's on-site confessions, and "running around the earth", "peach blossoms blooming", "big hands grasping small hands",

Annual Review - Inventory of the wonderful moments of SunWin Electronic in 2021

In 2021, Hubei Sanyingxing Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. will celebrate its 11th anniversary. The prosperous years are like songs, and in the course of more than ten years of struggle, SunWin Electronic people have made outstanding achievements, written splendid chapters, and left precious spiritual footprints.

Fighting hard to win the battle, waiting for the day to make another effort----warm congratulations to SunWin Electronic Xianning High-tech Zone Company (Phase II) project officially completed and put into production

The tiger leaps and gallops to open the scene, and the spring breeze unfolds the grand plan. As the Spring Festival of the traditional Chinese Year of the Tiger is approaching, SunWin Electronic ushered in another happy day.
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