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Quality control

  The leading quality management level is an important factor for the company to be recognized by customers. Since its establishment, the company has been focusing on product quality, and has established and improved six management systems, namely ISO9001, ISO14001, QC080000, IATF16949, ESD S20.20, ISO45001, and carried out comprehensive quality management activities by introducing the scientific and systematic management method of 6Sigma. From incoming material inspection in raw material procurement, to design quality planning in new product development, to first piece, line inspection, full inspection of finished products and sampling inspection in production process, the company will carry out quality management activities throughout the whole life cycle of products. 

      Through the application of WMS and MES systems, the company has realized the effective traceability and systematic control of products from single product, whole plate to electrostatic bag, small box and whole box, detected and managed all quality processes in production in real time, effectively prevented the variation of quality data in the manufacturing process in advance, quickly and accurately identified abnormal points and notified them in advance, and continuously improved the overall product yield. Meanwhile, by setting up QMS quality management system, the company has realized the digitization and systematization of quality activities such as first piece and inspection, and continuously promoted the quality optimization and promotion.  


Quality Center Structure


Incoming inspection


Image Master Pro9

MASTER PRO 9 is a device suitable for the inspection of small lenses in mass production lines such as mobile phones, digital cameras and car lenses. It has the advantages of high measurement accuracy, high speed and easy operation. The equipment accuracy: on-axis is 1% and off-axis is 2%. 


IR Spectrometer

XM 723H visible spectrophotometer with low stray light, high resolution single beam optical path structure, good stability, reproducibility, easy to operate, can complete the test more quickly, wavelength accuracy: ±1.0nm, reproducibility: 0.5nm. 


RoHS Tester

HeLeeX E8 is a specialized RoHS testing instrument, and its core optical system integrates domestic and foreign EDXRF technology. The standard samples used in the instrument have authoritative third-party testing agency reports. Collimators with φ0.1mm to φ7mm can be configured to meet the test requirements of samples with different sizes. 


Four-wire flying probe tester

XC V6 4-wire flying probe is a fully automatic FPC&PCB performance testing machine for hole copper problems. The resistance range is 0.4 mω -800 kω, the repeated test accuracy is 2 μm, the minimum test pad is 20μm, and the resolution is 1 μm. 

Process monitoring



Nicon three-dimensional, mainly used to measure PCBA flatness, assembly offset tilt angle, etc., the automatic measurement efficiency is high, the test data is accurate, the SPC process monitoring chart is automatically generated to monitor the stability of the equipment, and the risk of batch defects caused by equipment problems is reduced.


Metallographic microscope

Effectively measure the size and thickness of the WB gold ball, the width and height of the arc HM glue, the angle, and the distance of the components, and check the connection strength of the process assembly.


3D Measuring instrument

Keyence 3D measuring instrument, mainly used to measure PCBA flatness, lock attachment height, DB offset tilt angle. 


Water drop angle measuring instrument

Automatic drip contact angle measuring instrument, which monitors the roughness of material surface by measuring the angle of water drops falling on the plane, and is generally used to monitor the effect of PCBA Plasma after cleaning. 

Reliability test


FTIR infrared spectrum composition analyzer

Infrared spectrum analyzer, which can analyze the organic composition and estimate the curing rate of glue by observing the spectrum curve of substances. (Organics. carbon compounds such as rubber, plastic, ink and flammable chemicals) 


EDX Composition Analyzer

EDX composition analyzer is usually composed of SEM and EDX, which can obtain the high-definition image of the analysis sample by scanning with SEM, determine the composition and proportion of the sample with EDX, and compare with the database to lock the sample material and source.



Thermal shock test chamber

 Cold-hot shock test, simulating the reliability of fast switching of camera in extremely cold and hot environment; 
Temperature range of test tank :  -40℃~150℃
Impact time:  -40℃~150℃ about  5min



High frequency random vibration testing machine

Electromagnetic vibration and random vibration, simulating the reliability of various random vibration scenes of the camera during transportation or use;

Maximum sinusoidal excitation force (peak): 300Kg.f; frequency range: DC ~ 4000 Hz; maximum acceleration: 100G (980 m/s2)


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