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SunWin Electronic Technology training and empowerment class is a long-term training project sponsored by the company to carry out various standardized training and practical training for the company's internal clerical personnel, technical personnel, management personnel and reserve talents.

Training objectives: Provide support for the modernization, digitization, talent competition, and talent echelon construction of SunWin Electronic Technology's human resource management, and institutionalize, standardize, and systemize the company's training through the systematic training and teaching of internal tutors and external experts; The excellent talent management echelon enables managers and outstanding employees to deepen their understanding of the company and themselves through systematic training, establish a new relationship that shares the same destiny with the company and share weal and woe, and comprehensively improves the comprehensive quality of talents in R&D technology and management.

Training purpose: inherit SunWin Electronic Technology culture, improve SunWin Electronic Technology management, cultivate SunWin Electronic Technology talents, and lead the development of SunWin Electronic Technology.

Training concept: corporate school, disciplined military, executive mentor, and cadre role model.

Tasks: train the content of seven major sections, improve the quality of unWin family members, cultivate and recommend outstanding talents, and build a team that stands together through thick and thin. Learn from the best of others, be a better self, and create a learning enterprise.






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