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Production Environment


12◀ SMTworkshop

      SMT (Surface Mount Technology) is one of the most popular technologies and techniques in the electronic assembly industry. It is a circuit mounting technology in which the surface mounted components without pins or short leads (SMC/SMD for short, components in Chinese) are mounted on the surface of the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and assembled by soldering through reflow or dip soldering methods. The company has full-automatic laser marking machine, full-automatic inkjet printer, high-precision printing machine, high-speed mounter Panasonic, nitrogen reflow soldering, online SPI, AOI testing equipment; The process capability meets the 01005 specification for component mounting, and the whole process is equipped with MES traceability and AGV intelligent transportation system.

120▶ COB workshop

      COB(Chip On Board) is named as “板上芯片封装” in Chinese. The workshop is a class 100 dust-free level, local can reach 10. It is used to produce camera modules and semiconductor packages. The process in the workshop includes, DB (Die Bonding) to attach the photographic chip to the circuit board, WB (Wire Bond) to connect the circuit board with the chip through gold wire, Plasma (Plasma) to impact the surface of the material to increase fluidity, AOI (Gold Wire &Particle Inspection) to identify the bonding effect of the product, detect the dust on the chip and remove it, lock it (locking the lens with the lens holder motor), and HM (Holder Mount) to bond the mirror holder to the circuit board, and the oven (glue curing) cures the glue between products. The workshop adopts AGV intelligent transportation system, and the whole process is covered by MES. In addition to this, many new equipment developed independently have made some processes ahead of the industry, ensuring that the production needs of various camera modules are met.


◀ TPD workshop

        TPD (Test Package Department), the Chinese name is “测试包装部门”, the workshop of which is a thousand-level dust-free class, and some parts can reach a hundred-level. The workshop covers the whole process of CCM testing, quality inspection, packaging and other processes. TPD workshop is equipped with a series of automatic testing equipment, such as automatic sheet peeling equipment, automatic VCM welding equipment, automatic loading and unloading focusing integrated equipment, automatic loading and unloading OTP burning equipment, automatic loading and unloading automatic final testing equipment, automatic film pasting equipment, automatic MES scanning size testing equipment, automatic loading and unloading PDAF equipment, automatic loading and unloading distortion calibration equipment, automatic loading and unloading automatic module three-posture testing equipment, and automatic loading and unloading VCM three-posture testing equipment. The whole production process is covered by MES, the workshop adopts AGV intelligent transportation system, equipped with Kingdee ERP system, WMS system, QMS system, CCD system, PLM system, etc.; we have self-developed the whole set of testing system software to accurately judge the product quality.

120▶ FPM workshop

        FPM (Fingerprint Identification Module) production department, including IC laser cutting process, CNC cutting process, spraying process, dispensing process, vacuum curing, plasma cleaning, loading process, hot pressing curing, testing process, height measuring process, packaging process and so on. The whole production process is controlled by MES system, with advanced automatic dispensing equipment, TPU equipped with automatic equipment, functional testing and other fingerprint module production equipment, self-developed TPU automatic curing hot plate machine, and automatic segmented connection production of capacitive fingerprint module in the whole process.








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