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Information system

Information system

Intelligent manufacturing solutions, integrating microservice architecture, containerized deployment, big data analysis and other technologies, to realize user personality configuration, rapid software deployment and intelligent data analysis. The terminal collects, processes, analyzes, diagnoses the whole process data of manufacturing, quality inspection and data analysis, provides real-time and efficient data guidance for production and operation, and realizes the leap of "intellectual creation". 


The barcode technology is used to track the information of the whole process from order taking to delivery, so as to easily grasp the order execution status, production process progress and workshop work-in-progress distribution and realize production visualization. 


Work sequences are bound with corresponding quality inspection programs and standards, and quality data during production are dynamically collected in real time and automatically recorded and summarized by the system. Quality problems can be accurately traced back to the corresponding personnel, processes and raw materials. 


The system enables the management of material bar code, scanning code for stock-in and stock-out, dynamically updating inventory data, improving stock-in and stock-out efficiency and counting accuracy, and the inventory early-warning function can effectively supervise stock and accelerate material turnover. 


The workshop site instantly and accurately reports work, and the data is automatically summarized and analyzed, which greatly improves statistical efficiency and accuracy, effectively measures the efficiency of personnel and processes, and provides effective data support for enterprise personnel training and process improvement. 


Scientific and efficient data report center, presenting data reports of sales, production and quality inspection links, providing scientific data basis for production adjustment and business improvement of the whole factory. 



Visualization of production process

Production process data management
On-line tracking of process progress
Real-time visualization of work order status



More efficient quality traceability

Accurate record of quality inspection data
Intelligent and efficient quality star analysis
Rapid tracing of quality defects



More accurate dynamic inventory

One item, one code for material management
Intelligent warning of safety stock
FIFO control of materials



Maximize the value of data

Real-time multi-dimensional data collection
Intelligent aggregated data analysis
Presentation of 100+ statements


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