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Integrity and compliance

Integrity and compliance




Compliance development can last for a long time, and honesty and fairness can lead to solid progress. Sanyingxing Technology has taken several measures in clean and compliant operation to promote the two-way cycle of company development and clean and compliant construction with the spirit of insisting that Tsingshan will not relax.

1. Integrity and Compliance System

"Business Ethics Management Regulations"

"Integrity Agreement"

"Decision on Advocating and Practicing "Fresh Breeze, Uprightness, and Integrity" in order to build a modern enterprise with high-quality development.

2. Integrity and Compliance Measures

External procurement: The company requires all suppliers who enter the "Qualified Supplier List" to sign an integrity agreement. The company has always maintained a "zero tolerance" attitude towards commercial bribery, and regards integrity as the basis and premise of cooperation between the two parties.

Internal management: All employees of the company must strictly abide by the "Business Ethics Management Regulations". If an employee violates this regulation, they will face disciplinary action until the labor agreement is terminated. Personnel at the level of M4 and above defined by the company conduct self-inspection on integrity and integrity once a year.

3. "Operation Qingfeng"

In order to further implement the company's "SunWin" management concept, and further promote the company's "loyalty, filial piety, friendliness" cultural concept. Let the company culture be "internalized in the heart and externalized in the line", and promote the company to build a modern enterprise with high-quality development. Guide employees to establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values, strive to create a clean, harmonious and clean working atmosphere, improve the professional ethics, honesty and self-discipline awareness of all SunWin people, and the code of conduct of self-discipline and restraint. Maintain noble sentiments and pursuits, and do not do unkind things, do not do bad things, and do not do illegal things. "Quality Development of Modern Enterprises".

4. Reporting method

Reporting phone number:0715-48688888011


V. Reporting Rewards and Protection Measures

1. Any employee of the company has the right to report the unethical behavior of the employee. The company promises to provide identity protection for the whistleblower; if the reported content is verified to be true, the company will give appropriate rewards to the whistleblower.

2. All employees are responsible for reporting any known or suspected incorrupt behavior, including violations of laws, regulations, guidelines, internal company policies, and the company's probity policy.

3. If you know or suspect a violation of integrity, employees are responsible for reporting the violation immediately to the company's management, and the company will treat all such questions and reports with sensitivity and caution.

4. The company is strictly prohibited from revealing the name, department, company name, etc. of the whistleblower, and it is strictly prohibited to disclose the whistleblower or department to the whistleblower. No handwriting identification shall be allowed, and the reporting materials shall not be borrowed at will.

5. The company strictly prohibits malicious reporting. Employees' reports shall be supported by reasonable reasons or evidence, and shall not fabricate or repeat malicious reports out of thin air. If the employee's report is proved to be malicious, the company will warn, notify, dismiss, and terminate the labor contract according to the situation. If it involves insulting or slandering others, the company will provide necessary assistance to the infringed.

6. The company strictly prohibits retaliation for reporting employees. Those who violated the rules and leaked the information of the whistleblowers or took retaliatory measures against the whistleblowers will be dismissed from their posts, terminated from their labor contracts, and those who violate the law will be transferred to judicial organs for handling in accordance with the law.





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